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HP Regen Delay:
HP Regen Rate:
Stamina Regen Delay:
Front Armor:
Back Armor:
Side Armor:
Coins.PNG 8,000
Rubies.PNG 600
"A regal exterior hides the fire inside…until you spark his temper."
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Charnok is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

For the dragons, "altitude" became synonymous with "prestige." They abandoned the lowlands entirely, constructing mountaintop towers in a ruinous "race to the sky."

—Bronze Tomes of Storyteller Shao, Vol. 4

Official Rating Summary[edit | edit source]

Charnok has relatively middling stats with one exception - his damage is phenomenal! This should hint as to what he was designed to do, as Charnok is a DPS dealer through and through.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Charnok is one of the most powerful heroes in Gigantic, with maybe one or two arguable contenders.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Charnok is incredibly powerful, and this simply can't be overstated. This is the character of choice for DPS dealers, largely because his primary is hugely damaging and his secondaries have huge area of effect and conal areas of damage. Charnok can carry an entire team if used properly, but because he's DPS and not a tank, don't expect him to soak up too much damage. Even a well-coordinated team of two can easily take down Charnok if you're not paying attention, so you really need to pay attention.

You can mitigate a lot of that threat by making sure Charnok is constantly shielded, though, or at least healed by the likes of Uncle Sven or Vadasi.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Heat Wave
Hold down to power up a projectile that deals area damage. Big Ball Of Fire, Burn Notice Bombastic, Bigger Ball Of Fire, Extended Notice, Stoke The Fire
Dragon's Breath
Hold down to breathe flame in a cone. Turning Up The Heat, Fire Shelter Scorching Flames, Back Burner, Backdraft, Incinerate
Damage nearby enemies as you launch up, forward, or backward. Blast Off, Dive Bomb Parting Gift, Make It Rain, Time Of Impact, Superheat
Hot Hail
Bombard an area with flaming rocks from the sky. Hot Coals, Hunka Burning Love Burnination, Hotter And Hotter, Crater, Meteoric Fall
Flame On
Enemies in front of you catch fire. Keep Flaming, Resurgence

Talents[edit | edit source]

Level 3
Level 5
Level 7
Level 9
Wave Race
Hero's Might
+5% damage for each kill without dying. (Max +15% damage.) +5% damage for each kill without dying. (Max +15% damage.) +5% damage for each kill without dying. (Max +15% damage.) +5% damage for each kill without dying. (Max +15% damage.)
Burning Breath
Hero's Vitality
[LMB]: 30% armor penetration for basic attacks. [RMB]: Dragon's Breath sets enemies on fire. +10 back armor. +20 armor vs. splash damage. +15% maximum health.
Bloody Minded
Immunity to Weakness. Recover from Daze twice as fast. [Q]: Detonate launches you farther. Dodging costs 15% less stamina. +33% maximum stamina.
Battle Fury
Hail Yes
Gain 10% Focus charge for each kill or death. [E]: Hot Hail has much longer range. Speed boost and damage boost after every kill. 20% faster focus gain.
Will to Power
Getting Warmer
Infiltrator's Focus
For 5s, +10% damage and +15 armor after using Focus. [F]: Gain extra focus when a foe dies while on fire from your [LMB], [Q], or [E] attacks. Increased Focus gain for striking Guardians or Summoned Creatures. For 4s, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Charnok has a variety of skins from which to choose. These skins do not change skill sets or abilities, and appear to be strictly cosmetic. This list is based on the open beta, and will be re-visited once the game releases.

Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Detonate is a great escape skill as well as a damage skill.
  • Dragon's Breath, when upgraded, has a good pushback, which is a good push neutralizer. You can also use this skill to temporarily push back DPS or Tank role enemies, negating a lot of their early benefit.
  • Your Focus might be strong, but it's dodgeable. Push enemies against the walls or corner them to deal huge damage.
  • Detonate is a great "shock and awe" skill. Use it, then immediately chase down enemies to wipe out even strong teams.
  • Stay near your team, as you can take quite a bit more damage and distract enemies with your increased damage output.
  • Keeping Charnok out of the main fight until enemies are low health is an effective strategy, as it can turn the tide of combat extremely quickly (especially if your team is low in health as well).

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