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HP Regen Delay:
HP Regen Rate:
Stamina Regen Delay:
Front Armor:
Back Armor:
Side Armor:
Coins.PNG 12,000
Rubies.PNG 900
"If you're in her sights, you've already lost"
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Imani is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

"We think their sniper, Imani, is hidden on that ridge, sir." "Then why are you cowering behind these rocks? She couldn't hit a barn at that dist—"

—last words of Commander Sedgwick, House Tesserus

Official Rating Summary[edit | edit source]

Imani is a DPS beast, with fully maxed out attack. This of course comes with dramatically reduced defense, mobility, and utility.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Imani is a DPS hero, comparable to even Lord Knossos in terms of damage over time. Easily one of the most powerful heroes in the game.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Imani is easily one of the most powerful heroes in Gigantic, but she requires a player who knows how to best utilize her to unlock her true power. While on paper she is untouchable in terms of damage, she dies extremely quickly even with good support. Accordingly, as long as you keep Imani moving, snipe from different locations, and do your best to control the crowd, she's super powerful. Her skill, Silent Scope, increases damage the more time you stayed zoomed in, which leads to some pretty dramatic damage if used properly and with someone who has good aim.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Fire a burst at medium range. Drawing Power, Second Chamber Shaft Stabilizer, In The Groove, Quick Loader, Steel-Tipped Bolts
Silent Scope
Zoom in for deadly single shots. If you wait 3 seconds before firing, you deal maximum damage. Adjustable Scope, Deft Hand On The Mark, Vital Organs, Combat Sniper, Snapshot
Cycle Ammo
Tap once to activate a boom bolt for extra damage. Tap twice to activate a frost bolt that slows the target. Blast Radius, Deep Freeze Die In a Fire, All In, Chill To The Bone, Ice Ice Maybe
Smoke Bomb
Launch yourself and become invisible for 2 seconds. Choking Gas, Acrobatics Debilitating Haze, Smoke Screen, Time To Bounce, Adrenaline Rush
Kill Shot
When used, Imani loads 3 fully-charged rounds which last 6 seconds. On hit, damage is increased by +30% / +40% / +50% based on Imani's Focus charge. In The Zone, Resurgence

Talents[edit | edit source]

Level 3
Level 5
Level 7
Level 9
Second Chamber
Hero's Might
+20% crit chance and +10% crit damage from behind. +20% crit chance and +10% crit damage from behind. +20% crit chance and +10% crit damage from behind. +20% crit chance and +10% crit damage from behind.
Recoil Dampeners
Hero's Vitality
Dodging costs 15% less stamina. Scope shots have no recoil. 30% armor penetration. +15% maximum health.
Secret Stash
Bloody Minded
Dodging boost and damage boost after every kill. You can Cycle Ammo more often. Immunity to Weakness. Recover from Daze twice as fast. +33% maximum stamina.
Fog of War
Battle Fury
Speed boost and damage boost after every kill. You can use Smoke Bomb more often. Gain 10% Focus charge for each kill or death. 20% faster focus gain.
Infiltrator's Focus
Bolted Up
Will to Power
Increased Focus gain for striking Guardians or Summoned Creatures. On LMB, hitting with special ammo builds Focus 3x faster. For 5 seconds, +10% damage and +15 armor after using Focus. For 4 seconds, +75 hp/s and hit reaction immunity after using Focus.

Skins[edit | edit source]

Imani has a variety of skins from which to choose. These skins do not change skill sets or abilities, and appear to be strictly cosmetic. This list is based on the open beta, and will be re-visited once the game releases.

Weapon Skins[edit | edit source]

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • The Boom Bolt burning is super useful, and can really keep pressure on enemies over time. You can also use it to augment damage against tanks, because as they see their health moving, they're going to move further out from the center.
  • Your attacks are all based on line of sight, so get right into the fray as soon as you can.
  • Jump before using the upgraded Smoke Bomb for better survivability.
  • Imani can be taken out really easily by assassins and snipers, so use Frost Bolt and Smoke Bomb often whenever you see the threat coming.
  • use Autobolts instead of your scope, as your scope limits your vision and movement. Only using your scope when you need the distance is a great way to make yourself more useful.
  • Preserve your stamina as best you can, because you're going to need it as the fast moving unit of your team.

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