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Unlock Cost: Coins.PNG 5,000 / Rubies.PNG 400
Type: Shooter
Health: 1600
HP Regen Delay: 5/s
HP Regen Rate: 133/s
Stamina Regen Delay: 1/s
Front Armor: 15
Back Armor: 10

Beckett is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary

"Fight or flight? I'll take both!"


Official Rating Summary

Who dares, wins! Beckett is armed to the teeth with machine pistols, grenades, and even a cannon—and her one-of-a-kind jetpack ensures she'll live to fight another day.


While Beckett has a rather poor showing in defense and utility, the fact that she has a jetpack, and is thus incredibly mobile, acts as a multiplier for her high damage, making her like a bee with an atomic bomb - fast, hard to pin down, and incredibly damaging.


Beckett 1.JPG
Machine Pistols/Cannon
Fires your current weapon. Requires ammunition. Heavy Weapons, Sharp Shooter Close Quarters, Assault Weapons, Painfully Accurate, Tactical Shooter
Beckett 2.JPG
Throw an explosive grenade. Concussion Grenade, Tear Gas Frag Grenade, Smart Grenade, Lingering Fumes, Exhaust Fumes
Beckett 3.JPG
Switch Weapons
Tap to switch between machine pistols and cannon. Rocket Booster, Flame Cannon Arming Time, Fully Loaded, After Burner, Burn Radius
Beckett 4.JPG
Ignites jets, boosting you upward. Fuel Capacity, Rocketpack Up and Away, jet Powered, Ignition Switch, Blast Away
Beckett 5.JPG
Air Strike
Target an area to drop three bombs on that location. Quick Strikes, Resurgence

[RMB]: Grenade has lower cooldown. (-2 seconds.)
DURING CLASH: Additional -2 cooldown.
[Q]: After switching weapons, basic attacks deal +7% damage for 3s.
DURING CLASH: +15% damage.
Ready to Jet
[E]: On use, you gain 25 Stamina.
DURING CLASH: You gain double focus while jetpacking.


Beckett is highly usable and powerful, but only if used correctly. Because her jetpack boosts her survivability dramatically even in the fact of a low defense rating, timing your jetpack usage to ensure you're out of harms way can turn Beckett from a mid range hero into a top range DPS dealer. This high damage pair is super powerful, and she is arguably a better DPS than Charnok, with few situational exceptions. She can also use her jetpack to access parts of the map closed to other heroes, like secret passageways to the enemy Guardian and high vantage points for "sniping" and "camping".

Understanding her strengths and weaknesses is key to success, so consider what role you want to play before picking Beckett.

Skin Lore

The Adventurer: "I'm no thief. Strictly speaking, the test flight isn't over until I go back to the lab." -Beckett

Mild Blue Yonder: In flight, her mind was quiet. No burdens, no schemes, just speed and freedom
Hot Shot: Beckett knew that scoring the right jobs was as much about image as substance.

Eternal Master: Beckett would come to reconsider her words about “hokey religions and ancient weapons.”

Champion of Aurion: The Hierophant knew that not every ally need join them for ideological reasons. They would need many champions.

Champion of the Sky: She promised them recon but knew it might not be enough to simply observe. How could the priests pay her if they were all dead?
Champion of the Clouds: “I’ve picked up a trick or two over the years. Even in the sky, stealth is an option.” -Beckett

The Iron Tower: “Those golems may be indestruction, but they can’t stop what they can’t catch.” -Beckett

The Stone Tower: She found no treasure, only inscriptions of four-armed figures and indecipherable diagrams.
The Argent Tower: The White Wizard was powerful but still wanted Beckett’s help retrieving the stolen wands.

Weapon Skin Lore

Eternal Light: The gifts of the Eternals came form the City of Gods itself. Only the worthy could wield them.

Fortune Card Lore

[ The Adventurer I ]

[ Common ] "Any battle you can walk away from is a good one." - Beckett
[ Rare ] "It ain't how you win. It's what you win." - Beckett
[ Legendary ] "I'm not in it for the victory. I'm in it for the spoils." - Beckett

[ The Adventurer II ]

[ Common ] "My coat looks fine as is. I have no need for military ranks or honors." - Beckett
[ Rare ] The mercenary company was a poor fit for Beckett. Their pretentions of military discipline did not suit her.
[ Legendary ] The Captain called her reckless and unprofessional. Beckett simply laughed and flew away.

[ The Adventurer III ]

[ Common ] Beckett collected stories almost as eagerly as she collected artifacts.
[ Rare ] ""When this is all over, we should get a drink. Torg ale, I'm thinking." - Beckett
[ Legendary ] ""In some parts of the empire, you can find posters describing some of my more colorful exploits." - Beckett

[ The Adventurer IV]

[ Common ] Not every problem is one you can run away from. Even if you have wings.
[ Rare ] Beckett had no love of battle, but she wasn't afraid of it either.
[ Legendary ] The Riftspawn should have stayed on the other side of the portal.

[ The Adventurer V ]

[ Common ] Sometimes you can talk your way out of a sticky situation. Usually a little gunfire helps.
[ Rare ] Even a demon will back down after a well-placed rocket. Or two. Or three.
[ Legendary ] The goblins scattered after the grenade exploded. That was all the opening Beckett needed.

[ The Adventurer VI ]

[ Common ] He was relentless. If Beckett ever stayed too long in one place, she knew the bounty hunter would find her.
[ Rare ] The whole thing was a terrible misunderstanding, she mused. Not that she could ever convince them now.
[ Legendary ] The bounty hunter didn't care if she was guilty. He had a job to do, and he was going to do it.

[ The Adventurer VII ]

[ Common ] There was no profit in it, but Beckett couldn't let the golem continue its rampage.
[ Rare ] The bullets bounced harmlessly off its armor, but Beckett was determined to find a way to stop it.
[ Legendary ] A smoldering ruin was all that remained of the laboratory. The golem would not rise again.


Beckett has a variety of skins from which to choose. These skins do not change skill sets or abilities, and appear to be strictly cosmetic.

Weapon Skins

  • Eternal Light


  • Your Cannon is great for ranged fights, and your Machine Pistol is suited for close quarters combat. They are this way by design, so don't use them for inappropriate situations, as you'll find yourself quickly ineffective.
  • Machine Pistols are great for clearing creatures and the Wound out fast.
  • The grenade has a huge cooldown, so you need to use it within a group of enemies or when you can deal damage to high armor heroes. If you miss, you're negating a lot of your power for a long time.
  • Using your jetpack can be a great way to get out of combat quick, so don't be afraid to use it.
  • The Jetpack is a great tool for hit and runs. Jumping into combat, popping off a few shots, and then using the Jetpack to get beyond the enemy strike range can be a hugely effective method of attack.
  • Stay on the edge of fights to deal damage while negating a lot of the threat to yourself.
  • Find the secret in each level, the tunnel leading from your side of the map to the enemy guardian, and use the jetpack to exploit it as often and completely as possible.
  • Stack the Dominator perk so that if you run into high cooldown and are down and out, you can quickly back out with what skills you have left.
  • The Airstrike requires holding the Focus key down, targeting, and then releasing, which eats up significant amounts of time. Factor this into your engagements.
  • Combo the grenade with the Airstrike for maximum area of effect damage.



  • "Those golems may be indestructible, but they can't stop what they can't catch." - Beckett
  • "I'm no thief. Strictly speaking, the test flight isn't over until I go back to the lab." - Beckett