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Q: What is Gigantic?[edit | edit source]

A: Gigantic is a third person shooter with MOBA elements where you fight alongside a Guardian against an enemy team!

Q: Is Gigantic free-to-play?[edit | edit source]

A: Yes

Q: Well if it's free-to-play, how do you pay the bills?[edit | edit source]

A: Gigantic will allow players to permanently unlock Heroes and skins using a paid currency called Rubies. Players looking to unlock more for their Gigantic experience can also purchase the Founder's Pack.

Q: What regions will the Open Beta be available?[edit | edit source]

A: North America and Western Europe. For a full list of countries by platform: Windows 10Xbox One

Q: Will my progress be erased when Open Beta ends?

All progress will be saved from here on out.

Q: Is Gigantic cross-platform?[edit | edit source]

A: Gigantic is a Play Anywhere title that allows Windows 10 users to fight against Xbox One users on the same battlefield. Users that play through Arc on PC will not be able to play with Windows 10 or Xbox One users.

Q: Where do I go to install Gigantic on PC?[edit | edit source]

A: Gigantic can be found on the Windows 10 Store. Arc is currently not available for Open Beta. Stay tuned for live date announcements!

Q: How about Xbox One?[edit | edit source]

A: Download through the Xbox One store.

Q: Do I need an Xbox Live Gold Subscription in order to play the game?[edit | edit source]

A: Yes, you will need an Xbox Live Gold Subscription to play the game on Xbox One. Gold is NOT required if you choose to play through the Windows 10 Store.

Q: Why don’t I have access to all the characters? How do I unlock them?[edit | edit source]

A: A select roster of characters will be available on a rotating basis. You can unlock characters permanently by purchasing them with the earned in-game currency - Crowns, or the paid currency - Rubies.

Q: You have mentioned Crowns and Rubies… What are they?[edit | edit source]

A: Crowns are earned through gameplay and can be used to unlock Heroes and creatures! Rubies can be attained through purchasing them on Arc or through the Windows 10 and Xbox One Stores. Some items can only be attained with Rubies. Check out the character menu in-game to find out more!

Q: So many heroes, so little time. Which one do I pick?[edit | edit source]

A: All of our heroes are designed to be excessively fun to play! Check out the heroes guide and see if there’s a personality that catches your eye!

Q: Where do I submit feedback/bugs in the game?[edit | edit source]

A: Visit the forums and make a post!

Q: PC System Requirements[edit | edit source]


Operating System - Windows 10 64-bit / Windows 8.1 / Windows 8 / Windows 7

CPU - Minimum: 2.6Ghz processor, Recommended: 3.2Ghz processor

RAM - Minimum: 6GB RAM, Recommended: 8GB RAM

Hard Disk - 10GB

Graphic Display – DirectX 11.1-compatible video card (Nvidia or AMD only)

Network - Broadband Internet connection (512kb download speed or more)

Founder's Pack Q&A

Q: What's a Founder's Pack?[edit | edit source]

A: The Founder's Pack gives permanent access to all 16 current heroes, four upcoming heroes, two limited additional "Imperial" skins, and two exclusive Founder's profile icons. Valued at over $175, the Founder's Pack offers a substantial savings to players looking to establish themselves right away.

Q: How much is the Founder's Pack?[edit | edit source]

A: $39.99*

Q: Where do I go to purchase a Founder's Pack?[edit | edit source]

A: Simply visit this page.

*Prices may vary depending on region[edit | edit source]