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There are a variety of Fortune Cards in Gigantic. These cards are drawn daily for free, but they can also be obtained from additional Draws meeting certain conditions (i.e. when your Account Level raises) or when they are bought with Gems.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Cards give you Account Experience and Gold once you complete them. More than one of the same card can be drawn even if you previously completed them.

Starter Fortune Cards[edit | edit source]

Image Name Requirements
The initiation VI.JPG The Initiation VI Reach account rank 10.
The initian I.JPG The Initiation I Complete your first match.
The initiation II.JPG The Initiation II Summon or upgrade 3 creatures.
The initiation III.JPG The Initiation III Deal 3,000 damage to enemy guardian.
The initiation IV.JPG The Initiation IV Earn 25 kills.
The initiation V.JPG The Initiation V Complete 5 matches.

Major Arcana Low[edit | edit source]

Image Name Requirements
[[File:|32px]] Wheel of Fortune X Common: Complete 3 other fortune cards.
[[File:|32px]] The Hermit IX Common: Win 2 matches while solo queuing. Rare: Win 4 matches while solo queuing.
[[File:|32px]] Justice VIII Common: Earn 6 revenge or avenger badges.
[[File:|32px]] The Sky Chariott VII Common: Earn 4 killing spree badges.
[[File:|32px]] The Twins VI Common: Win 2 matches while in Crew with at least one other player.
[[File:|32px]] The Hierophant V Common: Summon or upgrade 7 creatures. Rare: Summon or upgrade 14 creatures.
[[File:|32px]] The Emperor IV Common: Earn 50 badges.
[[File:|32px]] The Empress III Common: Win 3 matches.
[[File:|32px]] The High Priestess II Common: Heal 20,000 health.
[[File:|32px]] The Magician I Common: Earn 8 different types of badges in a single game.
[[File:|32px]] The Jester 0 Common: Earn 30 assists.

Major Arcana High[edit | edit source]

Image Name Requirements
[[File:|32px]] The World XXI Common: Earn 4 summoner, herald or harbinger badges.
[[File:|32px]] The Judgement XX Common: Earn 3 creature defender or guardian defender badges.
[[File:|32px]] The Sun XIX Common: Generate 200 power for your guardian.
[[File:|32px]] The Moon XVIII Common: Help your team deal 6 wounds to enemy guardians.
[[File:|32px]] The Star XVII Common: Earn 40,000 match experience.
[[File:|32px]] The Tower XVI Common: Deal 5,000 damage to enemy guardians.
[[File:|32px]] The Beast XV Common: End 3 enemy killing sprees.
[[File:|32px]] Temperance XIV Common: Earn 4 assist spree badges.
[[File:|32px]] Death XIII Common: Earn 25 kills.
[[File:|32px]] The Rival XII Common: Earn 5 nemesis or archenemy badges. Rare: Earn 10 nemesis or archenemy badges.
[[File:|32px]] Strength XI Common: Deal 100,000 total damage to enemy heroes.

These cards are based o the Tarot Cards from the various countries and time lines.

Hero Cards[edit | edit source]