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Unlock Cost: Coins.PNG 10,000 / Rubies.PNG 600
Type: Summoner
Health: 1550
HP Regen Delay: 5/s
HP Regen Rate: 133/s
Stamina Regen Delay: 1/s
Front Armor: 15
Back Armor: 10

Griselma is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

"You know the truth: when she was among us, she was stubborn, caustic, and quick to take offense at the slightest criticism. Yet I shudder to think of the secrets she kept when she left us."

—The Silent Singer, House Melkior

Official Rating Summary[edit | edit source]

Claim the battlefield! Griselma conjures portal beasts that guard points on the map, and she lays traps for unwary enemies.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Griselma is a lot like Vadasi, in that they both deal pretty decent damage but have specific caveats that make them relegated better to a support role. Unlike Vadasi, though, Griselma has significantly better survivability, and thus is better suited to extended campaigns in the middle of the map.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Reach Out
Beam attack that deals damage and prioritizes a target for your summoned hands. Mark Of The Master, Touch Of The Master Spanked, Mark Of Survival, Shielding Touch, Empowering Touch
Portal Beast
Conjure a portal beast. Summoning a beast in a Rift Zone allows you to summon them faster. Ambush Hands, Bestial Aura Grasping Hands, Smashing Hands, Bestial Attunement, Bestial Feast
Rift Zone
Crack enemy armor with your Rift Zone, and speed the creation of your Portal Beasts. Portal Call, Trapper Keeper Soothing Journey, Element Of Surprise, Stumbling Block, Trap Easiest
Disappear into a portal and regenerate health. Press again to exit the portal early. Conservation Of Mass, Exit Strategy Gift Of Preservation, Gift Of Annihilation, Escape Hatch, Portal Collapse
The Abyss
Summon a mega Portal Beast that launches and deals damage to nearby enemies. Renewed Focus, Resurgence

Beast Friends
[RMB]: Creates Portal Beasts faster and gives you +10 Stamina.
DURING CLASH: Gain 10% focus when you summon a Portal Beast facing an enemy.
Zoned Out
[Q]: Rift Zone affects a larger area (3.5m radius).
DURING CLASH: Rift Zone deals damage on start.
Phase Variance
[E]: You move 50% faster while in the portal.
DURING CLASH: On end, you are healed for 300 if you have any Portal Beasts.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Griselma is a unique hero, and can be best classed as a map controller. Her ability to launch Portal Beasts and traps allows for map control at an unprecedented level. Her skills are static, with a pretty short cooldown, and is thus extremely adept at aggressive pushes. Because she has no real mobility, however, she relies on her team until at least mid game, if not later, where her speed is somewhat boosted.

Skin Lore[edit | edit source]

The Summoner: Beyond the Rift, Griselma found all manner of creature to serve her.

Cold Blooded: Intent is just another kind of energy to be bent to a sorcerer’s will without mercy or remorse.
Hot Tempered: It was the fiery colors, not the deadly claws, that first caught Griselma’s eye.

Eternal Master: House Devaedra teaches devotion to the Magician, the one Eternal shunned by the priests of Aurion

An Opulent Affair: There was a gruesome glamor in the way Griselma used her conquests to suit her desires.

An Elegant Affair: Wings always lend an air of elegance, even draped as a dress.
A Decadent Affair: Having survied the rift, Griselma allowed herself the occasional foray into sartorial excess.

Fierce and Frosty: She felt no fear of cold or creature, only exhilaration at the howling wind and the thrill of the hunt. The Hierophant would be hers.

Sweet and Sugary: Something for when the grandchildren visit. The youngest still liked to snuggle.
Cute and Cuddly: “Who says a sorcerer can’t be adorable? Stop trying so hard to scare everyone. Xen.” - Griselma

Weapon Skin Lore[edit | edit source]

Eternal Light: The gifts of the Eternals came from the City of Gods itself. Only the worthy could wield them.

Fortune Card Lore[edit | edit source]

[The Summoner I ]

[ Common ] When she started to giggle, the guardsmen knew they were really in trouble.
[ Rare ] 'That'll teach you to underestimate an old lady.‘ - Griselma
[ Legendary ] The guards counted themselves lucky that their fingers were not aesthetically pleasing enough to be fashioned into a necklace or set of earrings.

[The Summoner II ]

[ Common ] Each time Griselma traveled into the Rift she returned with gruesome trophies of her travels.
[ Rare ] Griselma often turned her 'souvenirs' from the Rift into wearable, fashionable horrors.
[ Legendary ] 'I don't follow the trends. I set them!‘ - Griselma

[The Summoner III ]

[ Common ] For all that Griselma had done and seen, she knew there were always new things to do and see.
[ Rare ] "Just because I've got a few years under my belt doesn't mean I've gone soft." - Griselma
[ Legendary ] Griselma's mind was still as sharp as a cerberus's tooth. and far more dangerous.

[The Summoner IV ]

[ Common ] Sorcery is a solitary pursuit. but Griselma found ways to satisfy her gregarious nature.
[ Rare ] 'I've tried talking to myself. Let me tell you. it gets old .' - Griselma
[ Legendary ] 'Nothing like a bit of good. old-fashioned teamwork once in a while. Once in a great while.‘ - Griselma

[The Summoner V ]

[ Common ] "Why put yourself in harm's way when there are others who will do that for you?" - Griselma
[ Rare ] "I don't utilize help because I'm old, I utilize help because it's the intelligent thing to do." - Griselma
[ Legendary ] "Really, everyone should have at least one minion." - Griselma

[The Summoner VI ]

[ Common ] "Do not test my patience, child. Never stand between a sorcerer and a source of power." - Griselma
[ Rare ] "Hmm... sort of reminds me of a familiar I once had..." - Griselma
[ Legendary ] "After all my years, dearie. I know the winning side of a fight when I see it." - Griselma

[The Summoner VII ]

[ Common ] "All my pets serve a purpose" - Griselma
[ Rare ] "I far prefer the company of my pets to the company of certain other individuals. I don't want to name any names, of course." - Griselma
[ Legendary ] "My pets never get out of hand. They are so well-behaved." - Griselma

Skins[edit | edit source]

Griselma has a variety of skins from which to choose. These skins do not change skill sets or abilities, and appear to be strictly cosmetic. This list is based on the open beta, and will be re-visited once the game releases.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Griselma's damage output isn't very good on its own, so you need to upgrade pretty fast in order to be competitive.
  • One-on-one fights are pretty evenly matched, but if you allow yourself to be outnumbered, you're going to die. Keep fights as evenly matched as possible.
  • Because Griselma can be dominated pretty fast, you need to stay on the edge of combat to get out as quick as possible.
  • Kite enemies! Engage them, and then move away to not only weaken the group fighting dynamic for your allies, but to establish a one-on-one fight.
  • Griselma is a hard hero to fight as. You'll start to understand what enemies you can fight against, and over time, you'll learn the value of your limited escape skills, but until then, just get a feel for distance combat when you're first starting out.
  • Turrets, turrets, turrets! These are going to be your best friends both in one-on-one fights and group engagements.

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