Resurgence (Tier 1 Upgrade)

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Resurgence is a Tier 1 Upgrade of Aisling's ability Terrify, Tyto the Swift's ability Blur, HK-206's ability S.W.A.R.M, Wu's Typhoon's Fury, Mozu's ability Death Ray, Griselma's ability Abyss, Charnok's ability Flame On, Uncle Sven's ability Chaos Quaff, and The Margrave's ability Smash.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Effects[edit | edit source]

Aisling[edit | edit source]

On use, Aisling regains stamina.

Tyto the Swift[edit | edit source]

Rush forward in a blur, delivering a bleeding wound to enemies you pass.

The Margrave[edit | edit source]

Create a shockwave that launches enemies toward you.

Wu[edit | edit source]

On use, Wu regains stamina.

Mozu[edit | edit source]

On use, Mozu regains stamina.

Griselma[edit | edit source]

Charnok[edit | edit source]

HK-206[edit | edit source]

Uncle Sven[edit | edit source]