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"Tyto's legend grows with each act of heroism - as do the mysteries that surround them."

Tyto the Swift
Tyto the swift.PNG
Unlock Cost: Coins.PNG 5,000 / Rubies.PNG 400
Type: Assassin
Health: 1700
HP Regen Delay: 5/s
HP Regen Rate: 133/s
Stamina Regen Delay: 1/s
Front Armor: 15
Back Armor: 10
Side Right Armor: 10

Tyto the Swift is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

“What do I know about Tyto? Everything and nothing. I've got a million contradictory tales about a red-caped acrobat with a sword. Some tales are folklore, others propaganda...but Tyto doesn't stay in one place long enough for a story to stick."

—Uthnan, House Karkaresh Sage-Historian

Official Rating Summary[edit | edit source]

Death from above! Tyto the Swift is a spinning cyclone of blades, fast on the battlefield and deadly in melee. Tyto's companion pet, Fang, attacks your enemies with equal ferocity.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Tyto the Swift is a swordsman with the capability to deal dramatic amounts of damage in a short amount of time. However, Tyto, with average health and armor numbers, can be easily killed in sustained combat. Unlike Aisling, who amplifies damage with Into the Blade and crowd-control with Terrify, Tyto uses acrobatic skills such as Swoop to quickly jump into and out of the fray.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Click here to see all skill upgrades for Tyto the Swift just like in the game.

Tyto 1 talon.png
Melee attack combo. Kith and Keen, Hidden Talon Talon and Fang, Synchronicity, Evade Defenses, Encirclement Tactics
Tyto 2 swoop.png
Powerful leaping attack. Cut Down, Swoop de Loop Predatory Instincts, Rake, Free As a Bird, Spin Cycle
Tyto 3 blade dance.png
Blade Dance
Spinning attack that lets you move quickly.

Cooldown increases the longer it's performed.

Cyclone, Windborne Deadly Dance, Burden of Prey, Hard Target, Windswept
Tyto 4 fang.png
Send out your pet to attack.

Deals armor-ignoring damage and bleeds target for 5s.

Pounce, Unity Gnawing Out, Ankle Biter, Celerity, Disruption
Tyto 5 blur.png
Rush forward in a blur, bleeding all enemies you pass through. Line 'em Up, Resurgence

Critical chance builds faster.
Angular Momentum
Damage from behind after damage gains +15% damage.
En Garde
+10 front armor, doubled to +20 when attacking.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Tyto is perhaps one of the most powerful heroes in Gigantic. While his attack is generally "alright", his mobility amplifies his damage over time, increasing his poor showing in defense and making him have greater longevity. In part with this, his skills, especially Swoop, pair agility with damage, allowing for both quick, efficient assaults and the ability to get out of these assaults with low damage.

As with other high damage, high mobility characters, like Tripp, Tyto needs a team to lean on if he has any chance of survival.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Swoop and Blur can be good attacks, but they also work great as escape tools.
  • Blade Dance can stop an enemy in their tracks, so follow up immediately with Talon to wipe them out.
  • Tyto is a borderline-stealth enemy, but you really need to be aware of Guardians like Cerberus who can reveal where you are easily, negating a lot of your singular nature.
  • Tyto is super fast - open with Fang to break armor and cause bleeding, and quickly move on to take out heroes before they can fully upgrade.

Character Lore[edit | edit source]

Letter From An Unknown Province

"My Lady. You say want leverage over Tyto? But every time I hear leverage I think "revenge." Nevertheless, I've done as you ask. Here's Tyto's background as plain as I can make it:

Tyto is a secret royal heir; rejected by family, and biding time until politics is time for you to usurp the throne OR Tyto was left for dead by retrieving comrades after a vicious battle. The missing arm is a war wound which Tyto wasn't supposed to survive OR Tyto was a beggar child who learned acrobatics by running through the city streets, looting the nightwatch OR Tyto was the incarnation of a raptor spirit that takes human form to hunt down the cruel and greedy OR Tyto was a circus performer by day and revolutionary by night OR Tyto is a fixture in folklore but invisible in the official records. If you want to continue this fool's errand, my lady, you should find another fool."

~Signed By Koralia


"Tyto AKA The Swift"

Distinguishing Features

  • Crimson Garb including long cape
  • Feather Bird Mask
  • Missing Left Arm

Known Associates

  • None "Damnable vermin"


  • Unlawful entry into Farshallen Castle
  • Theft of several wine vintages
  • Kidnapping
  • Assault and Battery of more than a dozen castle guards
  • Unauthorized duels against Sir Rylack & Sir Devlack
  • Vandalism of castle banners and heraldry
  • Obfuscation with intent of hiding one's identity

REWARD: See magistrate as soon as a new one can be appointed.

List Of Architectural Changes, hopes, and prison

“Wider guard walkways with railings installed on outer wall after three guards fell while trying to apprehend Tyto The Swift and escaping prisoner Marcash The Bold”

“Inner Moat doubled in width after Tyto The Swift observed leaping over it.”

“Spiked over hangs added to inner wall after Tyto observed scaling the tower during an anokra escape... the first one.”

“New locks added to warden's quarters after warden Juraneck disappeared”

“Inner moat deepened and water flow increased after Lady Talia observed accompanied by Tyto The Swift”

“Future architectural changes classified after Tyto The Swift observed using concealed door in new construction”

A Letter

"Dearest Mandary,

Quite a stir during the Duke's New Year's Day proclamation. I'll relate the best I can yet my hands are shaking as I write this. Our duke's memory isn't what it once was. So this year he relied on a written speech. I don't blame him. There is no way I could remember all the new laws, all the people who needed to be honored, all the usual New Year's Day stuff. It was a sunny day; the first we've had in ages. I think he was near the end of the speech because he was reading rather rapidly. He would drop each page and it would flutter in the breeze. He was in the middle of recognizing all the dowagers who reached a certain age. When he said "And last but not least" before going on to the next page, and before he realized what he said he announced "Know that tyto the swift is watching you" then he dropped that page and turned white as a sheet. The crowd started murmuring and shouting. Then the duke practically ran from the stage. Because I'm the curious sort. I grabbed the last pages that he dropped and there it was. Written in a scrawling hand just as the duke uttered it "Know that Tyto the Swift is watching you." The whole town could talk of nothing else and dare say next year proclamations will be quite different."

~Yours, Sir Garren

Skins[edit | edit source]

Tyto the Swift has a variety of skins from which to choose. Skins do not affect gameplay and are purely cosmetic.

Fortune Cards[edit | edit source]

[ The Wanderer I ]

[ Common ] Tyto showed a command of swordplay and battle tactics both.
[ Rare ] In a match between cunning and brute force, cunning almost always wins the day.
[ Legendary ] "If you see Tyto against you, you know that you're on the wrong side of the fight." - Sargeant Plov

[ The Wanderer II ]

[ Common ] As the years passed, tales of Tyto's heroics spread far and wide.
[ Rare ] "I would give anything to see the face beneath that mask." - Kallar, Prince of Karakesh
[ Legendary ] "The stories of Tyto the Swift have not yet outgrown the factual person. Whatever heroic deed you hear about, know that it was likely, in truth, several times more magnificent." - Ballas, Priestess of Aurion

[ The Wanderer III ]

[ Common ] Where did the wanderer learn to fight so well?
[ Rare ] "I heard they trained with the last great Swordsman of the Hollow, in a secret meadow only the worthy can find." - Jalban Hans, Knight of Karakesh
[ Legendary ] "Skills like those can only be learned by studying the martial techniques of the Karakesh knights and the guar warriors." - Rendar, Karakesh Historian

[ The Wanderer IV ]

[ Common ] Tyto was a blur: Too agile to strike, too swift to escape.
[ Rare ] "When Tyto swoops down, the just look up in awe, and the wicked look up in horror." - Ballas, Priestess of Aurion
[ Legendary ] "Pray that the gaze of The Owl does not fall upon you and find you lacking." - Citizen of Melkior

[ The Wanderer V ]

[ Common ] You could never tell because of that mask. Was Tyto smiling while eluding your attacks?
[ Rare ] "What drives a person like that? Power? Glory? Revenge?" - Adin Keel, Servant of Devaedra
[ Legendary ] "No one can be that pure-hearted. Tyto obviously has just hidden their motives better than most." - Voden

[ The Wanderer VI ]

[ Common ] Tyto the Swift was an agent of justice. Cruelty and oppression would not be allowed to stand.
[ Rare ] "I've never seen anyone clear out a pack of ogre bandits faster than them." - Zina, Traveling Merchant
[ Legendary ] Tyto could not possibly be everywhere at once, but it certainly seemed that way.

[ The Wanderer VII ]

[ Common ] Powerful as it might be, a Guardian could not hurt what it could not hit.
[ Rare ] Tyto moved with intense purpose. Few cared to stand in their way.
[ Legendary ] "They stand up for what is right, whatever the cost." - Jalban Hans, Knight of Karakesh

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Quotes[edit | edit source]

  • "I never seen anything like how she danced with that sword. Wyvern never stood a chance" - Mina, Westholme Villager
  • "We would better call her the 'Starbird' since she appears most often at night." - Lady Marisse
  • "Let's see how good you are with that blade, little songbird." - Lotho's last words.
  • "Don't know how he brought his airship through the storm, but no way we survive our wreck without him." - Boatswain Iggs
  • "What do I know about Tyto? Everything and nothing. I've got a million contradictory tales about a red-caped acrobat with a sword. Some tales are folklore, others propaganda...But Tyto doesn't stay in one place long enough for a story to stick." - Uthnan, House Karkaresh Sage-Historian

Stories[edit | edit source]

  • Tyto is legendary for heroism, specifically as an agent against injustice and cruelty.
  • Tyto's "calling card" are valerian petals.

Gallery[edit | edit source]