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Divine healer
Unlock Cost: Coins.PNG 10,000 / Rubies.PNG 600
Type: Healer
Range: Middle
Health: 2050
HP Regen Delay: 5/s
HP Regen Rate: 133/s
Stamina Regen Delay: 1/s
Front Armor: 15
Back Armor: 10
Gender: Female
Race: Kai

Vadasi is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary

"I find you guilty of conspiring with the enemy, provoking a futile conflict..."
[Glowing beams transfix the fugitive.]
"...and attempted flight to avoid justice. I'd pronounce the sentence, but you're no longer in a condition to hear it."[1]
~ Vadasi

Heal your friends and smite your enemies! Vadasi's rays never miss, and she uses her own health to power her magic.


Vadasi is a high-defense utility character, best fit into the "support" archetype. Utilize her to break up groups of enemies and route high DPS foes.



Ray of Light
Hold down to project a beam that heals allies. Succour, Light Of Judgement Righteous Defenses, Life Transfer, Contrast, Determination
Hold down to project a beam that damages enemies. With orbs, the beam also inflicts burning. Chain Smiting, Flameseeker Meltdown, Purifying Flame, Smoldering Judgement, Eternal Flame
Divine Wind
Heal yourself. Uses all orbs to increase health regeneration. Keeping The Faith, A Foment Of Prayer Divine Protection, Divine Fury, Cleansing Wind, Holy Gust
Hold down to sacrifice health and create orbs, which increase your healing and damage for each orb summoned. Burning Shame, Purifying Ritual Holy Wrath, Sanctuary, Contemplate The Void, Divine Renewal
Sanctum of Faith
Reduce damage by 90% and increase healing for a short time. Renewal Of Faith, Who Wants To Live Forever?




Vadasi's skill set lends itself to incredible complexity, so for people looking for simple action, shy away from Vadasi. For those willing to learn the ins and outs of her healing abilities, however, you can find Vadasi an incredibly rewarding hero to play. Additionally, few heroes have as much as an impact on their team as Vadasi, both in terms of how a bad Vadasi player can drag the team down and how a good Vadasi player can pick them up from even the worst doldrums.

Pair Vadasi with high DPS, low defense characters for a killer combination, but make sure to watch your back. Smite is a wonderful skill to have as well, because when paired with an Orb, it's lighter damage is amplified with Burn, allowing you to spam arena controlling ranged attacks, which in most maps allows you to dominate from afar.


  • Use your LMB skill to keep your allies ready to fight. This will allow your allies to exit skirmishes for a quick heal and then a jump back in to deal more damage over time.
  • Devotion reduces your health, so don't use it when you're being attacked or running, as you're opening yourself up to immediate death.
  • Smite in combination with Devotion boosts damage hugely and adds burning. This is incredibly powerful, and can make the difference in taking out tanks or getting wiped.
  • Your LMB attack can reduce the creation time for creatures and heal them when they're damaged, which can be a huge change in the overall battle level.
  • When fully upgraded, Devotion and Smite when combined with LMB is a huge spike rotation.
  • Fully upgraded Divine Wind give you super speed and super jump, which is super powerful for escapes!




Transcription Of A Conversation at a Hangotha Salon ("Nobles gather to gossip, and convene at Hangotha")

"We loved her visitors as exotic as you in our humble salon Vadasi!"

"Tell us why you are here? Just speak from the heart. Remember the truth can not be rehearsed"

"No replies Vadasi, but righteousness must be rehearsed"

"Sadly righteousness is not a natural state in this world. Bringing the light into the world's dark places. This is the task for the righteous."

"You see that as your calling to bring light into the world's dark places."

"Indeed. The light itself contained within the infinite sphere compels me so. But to bring forth the light you must to know where the dark places are. That requires judgement."

"It's a little strange "erm" sitting there "um" floating actually. And I feel like you're judging us."

"I am. The mandate of my journey is simple. See the empire, understand it, and judge it. You are part of that. Everything is."

"Oh well uh would it be impolite to ask how we're doing? You're smiling so we can't be that bad."

"Suffice it to say. That if you had received my judgement. You would know."

"Travel Logs Of The Empire" Vol. 3 ("Excerpt from a book")

Those seeking raspid from the hectic pace of the capital. Should journey to spend a sabbatical among the Kai. A serene people who live in the jungles of the south. I have done so myself and found myself rested and ready to return to my travels with emperors. The kai rarely venture beyond their rustic communities except on religious pilgrimages they tell me. Their villages are simple and unremarkable with one exception. Each village is dominated by a temple to the light. I'm a traveler not a theologian so i'm ill equipped to discuss the religious practices of the kai, but their temples are beautiful without being gaudy with graceful architecture and pleasing proportions. Our imperial architects could learn a thing or two from them. The temple is the center of life for the kai. It's simultaneously their church, their school, their city hall, their hospital, and then mausoleum. It's entirely natural for the kai to spend more time in their temples than in their homes. At the center of each temple there's a glowing white orb that the kai call the sphere. They make a point of noting that while the sphere contains the light. The sphere is itself infinite. They explain this by demonstrating how a circle has no beginning or end but i sensed that i was getting a religious lesson-ordinarily given to small children. Nevertheless I've grown quite fond of the kai and would visit them again.

A House Aurion Morning Ritual For Young Scribes With A Guest Leader Vadasi.

Your hierophant has asked me to guide you today. Our customs are different but perhaps we will all gain understanding with a simple ritual from my people. Contemplate the light of this simple torch. Do not look at it but truly see it. Open yourself and discern every aspect of the light. Breathe fully and naturally as you do so. It is the most natural thing in the world to relax as you see the light. It's soothing, comforting is it not. It's almost as if the torch wants you to relax as it flicker. But relaxation can be troublesome and i avoid it whenever possible. When you relax you experience life rather than judging it. And judgment and righteousness are always bound together. Gaze into the light but strive to never relax. Always discern. Always judge.


Fortune Cards

[ The Judge I ]

[ Common ] These lands were greatly changed since the time of her ancestors, but Vadasi did not doubt she would triumph.
[ Rare ] These lands were greatly changed since the time of her ancestors, but Vadasi did not doubt she would triumph.
[ Legendary ] The earth was the key. The beast drew power from the land. Break this bond and they could never be defeated.

[ The Judge II ]

[ Common ] She recorded and weighed each act of kindness and cruelty. Even her own.
[ Rare ] To find balance, to find the middle path between compassion and cruelty - that was the way.
[ Legendary ] In the eyes of the Kai. learning to see oneself clearly was something that few outsiders ever learned to do.

[ The Judge III ]

[ Common ] When her pilgrimage was over, she would recount what she had seen to the Kai elders.
[ Rare ] The Kai had been cut off from the rest of the world for far too long. They had much to learn.
[ Legendary ] Vadasi could see that stagnation was not the path to enlightenment.

[ The Judge IV ]

[ Common ] Vadasi was quick to judge. Slow to forgive.
[ Rare ] Those around her learned to fear her wrath just as much as they appreciated her healing abilities.
[ Legendary ] For Vadasi. every action had a consequence.

[ The Judge V ]

[ Common ] The Kai priesthood required a mastery of the healing arts.
[ Rare ] To take a life was a great responsibility; it was much less of one to give it back.
[ Legendary ] A single act of mercy could tip the balance. Vadasi had to choose carefully where to heal and where to hold back.

[ The Judge VI ]

[ Common ] Unlike her peers, Vadasi believed participation would not taint her observation.
[ Rare ] Where better to observe than from the thick of things?
[ Legendary ] Her elders believed that perspective could be gained only through distance. Vadasi disagreed.

[ The Judge VII ]

[ Common ] Her diligence was a testament to the Kai commitment to excellence in all pursuits.
[ Rare ] She knew her healing was a gift to be bestowed only on the worthy.
[ Legendary ] The battlefield was bathed in the soothing light of Vadasi‘s healing powers


Vadasi has a variety of skins from which to choose. These skins do not change skill sets or abilities, and appear to be strictly cosmetic.

The Judge skins

  • The Judge: Not everyone views things as the Kai do, other cultures are wrong about many things
    • Into the Light: For too long, the Kai had withdrawn from the world. Vadasi sought to change that.
    • Out of the Shadows: Vadasi’s pilgrimage would teach the Kai about this new Empire. And vice versa.
    • Eternal Master: “There will be much to tell my people of these gods of yours.” - Vadasi

Champion of Aurion skins

  • Champion of Aurion: The Priests of Aurion sought out Vadasi. The Hierophant’s wounds had proved too great for their healing arts.
    • Champion of Faith: Vadasi had no need for wealth, but she knew the appearance of success could inspire faith in the masses.
    • Champion of Wisdom: Some believe a Kai’s physical appearance reflects their spiritual growth, each change reflecting newly attained enlightenment.

Angel skins

  • Angel of Mercy: Before the rise of House Aurion, it was the Kai who were sought for their skill as healers.
    • Angel of Glory: There were those who saw the Kai as semi-divine. They did little to dissuade this belief.
    • Angel of Peace: “A gentle message often requires a forceful delivery.” -the Judge’s Codex

Weapon Skins

These skins change appearance of Vadasi's third eye and floating flames and FX of some of her skills.

  • Mark of Devaedra: “We will judge for ourselves if the Magician’s path is as evil as they say.” - Vadasi.
  • Eternal Light: The gifts of the Eternals came from the City of Gods itself. Only the worthy could wield them.