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Unlock Cost: Coins.PNG 10,000 / Rubies.PNG 600
Type: Shooter / Utility
Health: 1600
HP Regen Delay: 5/s
HP Regen Rate: 133/s
Stamina Regen Delay: 1/s
Front Armor: 15
Back Armor: 10

Voden is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

The forest-lord Voden is as old as the ancient banyan, yet as new as the morning dew. He lives for the wild hunt, and his prey is anything that would despoil the wilderness.

Official Rating Summary[edit | edit source]

Healing waters, poison arrows! Voden combines effective ranged attacks with the ability to heal nearby allies—and like any hunter, he's got some cunning tricks.

Summary[edit | edit source]

Voden is an archer with incredible range. His poison cloud makes for ranged status effect damage, and he is best used at far ranges than it close combat, as his low health makes him a prime target for mobbing.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Voden 1 arrowed.png
Shoot an arrow. Hold down to give the arrow extra power. Dead Eye, Spread The Pain Bow Flex, Longshot, Piercing Arrows, Ambush
Voden 2 poison spores.png
Poison Spores
Create a poison cloud. Stand in the cloud to fire poisonous arrows. More Spores, Seeking Spores Virulence, Contagion, Hungry Spores, Acute Poison
Voden 3 green man.png
Green Man
Gain stealth and create a copy of yourself that moves in the direction summoned and attacks enemies. Companion's Boon, Alternate Root Spore Imitation, Spring To Life, A Ways Away, Leaf No Trace
Voden 4 hidden spring.png
Hidden Spring
A pool of water emerges that enables super jumps and heals you and your allies. Well Wishes, Geyser Recovery Time, Spring Cleaning, Burst Forth, Refreshment
Voden 5 natural roots.png
Natural Roots
Fire an arrow that deals damage and immobilizes all foes in the area. Nature's Wrath, Renewed Focus

[RMB]: +1s poison duration.
DURING CLASH: On apply, nearby allies gain +15% damage for 5s. (Once per 5s.)
Heart of Oak
[Q]: +1s stealth duration.
DURING CLASH: You have 50% Damage Resistance while your decoy is alive.
Spring Back
[E]: +35% healing.
DURING CLASH: On start, if other allies are in your spring, -5s cooldown.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

Voden is best summarized by one word - pressure. Voden doesn't super excel at much, because even though he might be impressive on paper, he certainly has some drawbacks that make him hard to manage. What he can do best, however, is apply pressure. Quick movements into the backfield, constant harassment, and ganking straggling heroes is the name of the game, and Voden plays that game well! His bow attacks, combined with his poison abilities, can make super quick work of most enemies.

Keep in mind though that his best skill the Super Jump, requires a ton of investment, and his other useful power, Natural Roots, has much the same investment. Voden is very flexible though, so these investments might be worth it given the situation and state of the battlefield.

Lore Letters[edit | edit source]

House Karakesh field report.

Voden’s movements are almost impossible for our writers to track, he’s moving faster than any airship. Three days ago, he was spotted in the Garhealeaon Woods, but just yesterday our border towers spotted Voden bounding across the Sabled Gap almost a thousand leagues away. Rhyesha the Elder believes that Voden is using lay-lines to move from forest to forest, that somehow they’re all connected. This would explain why Voden participates in battles about places of power, but it doesn’t explain what he’s actually up to.

Letter from House Melkior

Illustrious leader, we paid our fate spinners dearly for the privilege, but consider it confirmed. Bitterhope Wood, is a prime-evil nexus. The forest is much bigger on the inside than the outside, and its paths wind in on themselves. It’s more than just a trick of geography however, as the visitor spirals inward the forest becomes more ancient. Time itself un-spirals the further you go. Voden seems to be able to walk the paths with ease. If only we could obtain sufficient “Influence” with him. – Yours in Secrecy, The Gray Glove.

House Devaedra research journal.

Alabaster Library project, day 2/11
Most of the manuscripts in the broken gallery are completely illegible. What did the circle expect from thousand year old books? There was one intriguing find though, a volume of poetry and folklore describing an immortal wood warden and a forest lord named Hernae. The book depicts Hernae as an archer and wonderer. Sound familiar yet? It must be Voden but it clearly can’t be Voden. This is the first real evidence that Voden isn’t truly Ageless. He’s just the current incarnation of something far, far, older.

House Tesserus project notes, Hush Grove Logging Camp:

Anders / Dead / Arrow wound.
Borren / Dead / Arrow wound.
Coliah / Dead /Crushed by falling tree.
Fendrick / Dead / Arrow wound.
Hiland / Dead / Strangled by his own bowstring.
Jascar / Dead / Poison.
Lero / Dead / No visible wounds.
Nasca / Dead / Arrow Wound.
Perrie / Dead / Arrows or Poison, hard to tell.
Shandar / Dead / Multiple small claw and bite wounds.
Tyval / Dead / Found at bottom of cliff
Wasskera / Dead / speculation, toxic mushrooms?
Clydron / Multiple arrow wounds to extremities / Frequently raves about “Voden’s Warnings” / No longer fit for field duty.

House Aurion, Council notes.

Vollereer the Brave: If we are to traverse the Forest of Teeth safely, we need a guide, Given the purpose of our crusade we should be able to convince Voden to aide us.
Donaria the Bold: Can we trust a forest spirit? We’ve all heard the folklore.
Tordar the Wise: Every folktale has a grain of truth, and you youngsters may not have heard them all. I’m old enough to remember the tale of a woodcutter. Poor, but noble in spirit, who sought his lost children in the forest. The woodcutter never found his children, but he vowed to guard the innocent and the worthy within the forest forever. Anyone care to guess the woodcutter’s name?

Skin Lore[edit | edit source]

The Forest Warden: Wardens arise when the land is threatened.

Deep Woods: Tread lightly where Voden watches. His bow is always at the ready.
Regal Stag: The forest welcomes only its own, but it inspires all who enter with an open heart.

Champion of Aurion: Voden saw clearly the threat posed by House Devaedra. Unchecked, they would burn and corrupt the world, concerned only for their own power.

Champion of Autumn: Autumn is a time of transformation. All must prepare for the season to come or face extinction.
Champion of Spring: For a warden, blossoms mark not a time for indolence or indulgence but rather a time for attention and action.

Northern Cedar: Northern cedar trees / Hoof prints on untouched snow drifts / Stillness and Silence

Mountain Cedar: Mountain cedar trees / sunset on the western peak / Moon light through the leaves
Ancient Cedar: Ancient cedar trees / Meditation in the wilds / Peace where there was rage

A Ruin: The fires of war made a ruin of the land. No joy or peace remained.

A Blight: His forest poisoned and blighted, the warden gathered his arrows with grim determination.
A Desolation: A lifeless desolation was all that remained. The land cried out for vengeance.

Eternal Master: Voden had no love for these new gods, these Eternals. But he was here, and he was needed, and he would not abandon his companions.

Weapon Skin Lore[edit | edit source]

Eternal Light: The gifts of the Eternals came from the City of Gods itself. Only the worthy could wield them.

Fortune Card Lore[edit | edit source]

[ The Forest Warden I ]

[ Common ] The sanctity of his purpose gives Voden great determination.
[ Rare ] "You're fighting a losing battle. The wilds persist" - Voden
[ Legendary ] The feeling of triumph, to Voden, was a waste of time. There was always work to be done.

[ The Forest Warden II ]

[ Common ] He did not doubt the power of the Arcana, but Voden served far older gods.
[ Rare ] "I'm sure the Arcana holds great power. I'm simply not interest." - Voden
[ Legendary ] "I don't think anyone knows who or what Voden worships. And most people are too afraid to ask." - Orbora, Hermit of the Wilds

[ The Forest Warden III ]

[ Common ] "The wardens say little but see much." – Old Veltish saying.
[ Rare ] Few could remember a time before Voden was the warden of the wilds.
[ Legendary ] "Knowledge accumulates with time. There's no stopping it, though many try." - Voden

[ The Forest Warden IV ]

[ Common ] In nature, there is no concept of mercy. The hunt is a necessity.
[ Rare ] "For things to grow properly. we must prune." - Voden
[ Legendary ] "Nature will persevere long after you are all gone." - Voden

[ The Forest Warden V ]

[ Common ] Voden never forgot a slight or transgression, no matter how small.
[ Rare ] It is not the wild's job to be vengefu, but the job of the wild's protector.
[ Legendary ] "Arrows, it should be noted, are not a tool of peace." - Ortiora, Hermit of the Wilds

[ The Forest Warden VI ]

[ Common ] The forest is home to many different creatures.
[ Rare ] "They are not to be made your pets, Griselma." - Voden
[ Legendary ] "I will hunt the hunters." - Voden

[ The Forest Warden VII ]

[ Common ] There are many ways to tend a garden.
[ Rare ] 'I did my duty. I hope you do yours." - Voden
[ Legendary ] "Warden doesn't mean nursemaid, you know" - Voden

Skins[edit | edit source]

Voden has a variety of skins from which to choose. These skins do not change skill sets or abilities, and appear to be strictly cosmetic. This list is based on the open beta, and will be re-visited once the game releases.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Voden is useless without stamina; accordingly, keep your eye on the stamina and make sure you have enough to get out of any situation quickly and with minimal damage.
  • Use the decoy to waste Hero attacks and force them into long cooldowns - this will enable a concerted effort team to wipe the floor with them, negating even the most efficient pushes.
  • Hidden Spring heals you and your allies, and should thus be placed where it's free from threat, but near enough to the fight to be beneficial to the team. Additionally, it provides a super jump powerup, allowing heroes to jump up to areas for sniping and distance shots.
  • Spread around your poison. Don't focus on just one target, as the poison does the same damage whether or not you're paying attention. Everyone getting a little hurt as opposed to one person getting really hurt is what you're aiming for.
  • Speed and Hidden Spring will allow you to harass the Guardian, keeping them out of combat and distracting the enemy.
  • Use the decoy to distract creatures, then tear them apart.

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