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Zandora HeroShot.png
Unlock Cost: Coins.PNG 12,000 / Rubies.PNG 900
Type: Support/Type

Zandora is a hero appearing in Gigantic.

Official Summary[edit | edit source]

"The knight moved with the confidence and purpose of a god among mortals. She was the incarnation of valor, a martial blessing in the heat of battle."

Official Rating Summary[edit | edit source]

A lance-wielding Eternal who has emerged from the Star City to walk among mortals, Zandora is a melee/support hybrid who uses auras to empower herself and allies on the battlefield.

Summary[edit | edit source]

An adept and utility filled hero, Zandora brings much to fight, able to buff damage, speed and heal her allies.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Aura 01.png
Star Lance Strike
Melee attack combo. Hitting extends active AURA. Aura Renewal, Star Light Stream Aura Affinity, Extended Focus, Aura Projection, Star Power
Aura 02.png
Aura of Strength
Damage all enemies in melee range.
AURA (3s): You and nearby allies deal +10% basic attack damage.
Strength of Arms, Lancing Blow Foes Beware, Conversion of Strength, Lancing Flow, Foe Fire
Aura 03.png
Aura of Haste
+8 Stamina
AURA (3s): You and nearby allies move 10% faster.
All Do Haste, Rainbow Dash Energize, Conversion of Haste, Dash of Healing, Dash of Damage
Aura 04.png
Aura of Life
Cleanse debuffs from nearby allies.
AURA (3s): You and nearby allies regenerate 25 health/s.
Life Goes On, Bursting With Life Battle Armor, Conversion of Life, Life of the Party, Defy Damage
Aura 05.png
Vow of Shielding
[F],[LMB]: Give a 600/800/1000 HP shield to you and nearby allies for 5/6/7s.
[LMB] hits restore 75 HP to the shield.
Amity, Blesser's Boon Hero's Vitality, Stonewall , Focused Healing, Focused Might

Critical chance builds faster.
Angular Momentum
Damage from behind after damage gains +15% damage.
En Garde
+10 front armor, doubled to +20 when attacking.

Strategy[edit | edit source]

When playing Zandora, stick close to allies to get the full worth of her aura buffs. Stay within your team as you fight in order to constantly provide support while being able to strike the enemy frontline with the extended reach on your basic attack.

Skin Lore[edit | edit source]

The Knight: Zandora had the look of an Eternal but walked among mortals.

Knight’s Strength: In this form, she didn’t carry the full might of her divinity. But she was strong enough.
Knight’s Honor: She appeared first in Karakesh, where the knights are renowned for their honor and courage.

Eternal Master: Walking among mortals did not diminish Zandora’s ties to the other Eternals.

Champion of Aurion: It was long believed the eternals would take no direct hand in the affairs of mortals. Long-held beliefs are not always true.

Champion of Frost: Adonais prayed for protection and Zandora appeared. She gave no answer except to don her armor and declare, “Battle awaits.”(Hierophant?)
Champion of Fire: The Eternal Knight looked at her foe and smiled. She would match him, toughness on toughness, strength on strength.

Weapon Skin Lore[edit | edit source]

Eternal Light: The gifts of the Eternals came from the City of Gods itself. Only the worthy could wield them.

Fortune Card Lore[edit | edit source]

[ The Knight I ]

[ Common ] How could any mortal hope to stand against an Eternal?
[ Rare ] Was this manifestation, this Zandora, the entirety of the Knight or merely a single incarnation?
[ Legendary ] "I show you only that which you may bear. To look upon my true countenance would destroy you." - Zandora

[ The Knight II ]

[ Common ] Even the most impious respected the Knight as something more than a simple warrior.
[ Rare ] Soldiers prayed to the Emperor for glory, to the Empress for victory, and to the Knight for the courage to earn them both.
[ Legendary ] Zandora accepted adulation with neither preening pride nor false modesty. Her godhood was a simple fact.

[ The Knight III ]

[ Common ] Zandora seemed more willing than the others to see the world from a mortal's perspective.
[ Rare ] The Knight was not always quick to speak but spoke decisively when she did.
[ Legendary ] "Beware those who claim infallibility. Even the Eternals are not all-knowing." - Zandora

[ The Knight IV ]

[ Common ] Her sermons came in the thick of battle. She spoke with her lance and her words both.
[ Rare ] "When called to high purpose, always strive and never falter. Do not indulge your mortal weakness." - Zandora
[ Legendary ] "Find strength in the eternal, the universal. You are more than your single, mortal self. If you so choose." - Zandora

[ The Knight V ]

[ Common ] The only act of piety Zandora required was being faithful to one's comrades in arms.
[ Rare ] Battle was a reality but also a symbol. Devotion to others was the ultimate virtue of the true knight.
[ Legendary ] To give of oneself was not a sacrifice, but a necessary step toward greatness.

[ The Knight VI ]

[ Common ] Her lance did not hesitate. She was a god of neither mercy nor peace.
[ Rare ] Adonaius returned from the north with new resolve, carrying the teachings of the Knight. Ready for war.
[ Legendary ] "Each Hierophant learns new truths from the Eternals. We must embrace the truth, no matter the cost." - Hierophant Adonaius

[ The Knight VII ]

[ Common ] To the gods, the mortals were as children, ever in need of aid and guidance.
[ Rare ] "Is it charity or folly that the Knight aids us so directly, one battle at a time?" - High Theosopher Nestiares
[ Legendary ] "In single acts of justice are the source of something greater. Seeds from which many blossoms may sprout." - Hierophant Adonaius

Gallery[edit | edit source]